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Groups, Discussions, Task Lists, Files and more.

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Each Group has its own space.

When you create a group, you get a completely new workspace. You can use this to logically divide your team or your projects.

Create a group for your designers, one for your engineers and even one for your customers. Each group get its own boards, tasks, files and integrations. Your team will never feel out of place.

Discuss freely with your team.

Have something to announce? Want to collaborate on a huge draft? Need to create a knowledge base to share with your team?

Boards lets you do all that and more. Create beautiful, HTML rich content that convey information easily. You can publish a single board to multiple groups, and even categorize them.

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Store once, access anywhere.

You can store and share files easily with your team. Files for your engineering team don't need to annoy your design team anymore! Logically organize files, share them with your customers with safe and password protected OTLs, collaborate on them with your team, and even manage versions.

Keep track of all of your tasks.

Use Task Lists and Tasks for all your projects, deployments, marketing and anything that you want to keep track of. Tell Allt when you would like to get reminded, and who you would like to assign it to. Collaborate with others using the powerful commenting system. All under one simple roof.

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Most important business information, must stay secure.

In a short while, Allt will become your new home online. You are going to be storing a lot of business critical information on Allt, your boards, tasks and more importantly, your files must stay secure. Allt's core is built around industry standard security and privacy potection policies to protect your data, round the clock.

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